King Kamehameha united all Hawaiian islands and he established Hawaii Kindom 1810. His stature was said tobe more than 7 feets tall, and he had taken Hawaiian martial art, swmming, and running. He was good at diplomatic dealing, but he was most feared king. He elected Puukohala Heiau (National Historic Site) 1791 for the war god “Ku”, and soon after he defeated King Keōua. The legent said that when king Keoua invaded the north of island – Kohara where King Kamehameha reign, Kilauea volcano erupted and king Keōua soldiers were  killed by “Pele’s anger” volcano’s  Pyroclastic flows.  King Keōua surrenderand his head was chpped and placed on the wall of Puukohara heiau.  After united the Hawaii island, King Kamehameha  united all other islands. His legacy and legand was many and one of them was “Pohaku Naha” Naha Stone.