Hawaii Volcano National Park World Heritage Site.

Kilauea caldea is 2.2 miles and 400 feet deep such a large areas, one side is volcanic desert and the other side is rush rain forrest.  Halemaumau volcano crater is 3,018 feet long and 279 feet deep. You can put the Yankee stadium in the crater. Most recent eruption was 1980 and Kilauea has been active since 1790 the most violent eruption. It is about 1,100 years old, the the Hawaii island itself is about 500,000 years old.

The Hawaiian culture said that Madame “Pele” ( Pele honua Mea) lives at summit “Halemaumau” crator and there many myths and  stories about “Pele” and she is Hula dance god, and one of daughters( six daughters) of Haumea (a very ancient Earth goddess) and Moemoe a name (having to do with purposeful dreaming). One of well talked myth was about “Ohia and Lehua”. You will hear these stories and more from our tour guide.